Dan Adamson dadamson at
Tue Nov 8 21:38:03 EST 1994

	I am an undergrad at Hastings college in Nebraska. I plan to go 
to graduate school but I am interested in becoming a researcher 
afterwards. I need to know what types of courses would be recommended by 
my prospective employers. Hastings does not have a specific course of 
study for a biochemistry major so I have to put together a personalized 
	I need to know what types of study would look best to you on a 
transcript in a resume. This way I will be more likely to get a job with 
your company and be more likely to do a good job. 
	I have been intersted in genetic technology since I was just a 
little tike and would like nothing more than to get a good job doing 
research in this fascinating field. I am mainly interested in medical 
applications but I am also interested in environmental research (as it 
applies to genetics)
	Thank you for your responses in advance  }:-)


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