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Van Dao Mai mai at
Mon Nov 14 01:31:25 EST 1994


I recently watch a TV show that raised the new idea about the way new
species of plants coming into existence. It is against the old idea of
genetic mutation. It suggests that different species co-habit and
eventually come together to form new plants.

The problem I have in mind is that a new species must be able to create a
genetic blue print including the genes of all the participants as well as
information for them to work together. How does it fit together with the
general frame work of the evolution theory? 

It is easier to imagine that these species are present in the environment,
and they simply possess the ability to merge and grow together as one
reality. It is difficult to make assumptions that modern plants evolved 
out of this process.

Is there any book written on this topic? What is the formal technical terms
used for this theory?


Van Dao Mai
Wollongong Australia

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