James Mahaffy mahaffy at dordt.edu
Thu Nov 17 18:37:27 EST 1994

Leonardo Sepulveda N (lsepulve at buho.dpi.udec.cl) wrote:

: Hello
: 	I want to contact to other researchers in the social insects
: behaviour, and more generally, to sociobiologist (In any animal
: taxon).  I am researchering in behaviour of termites (Porotermes
: sp.) and ants (Camponotus sp.).
: 	Waiting,

: 	Leonardo E. S.
: 	Email: lsepulve at buho.dpi.udec.cl
May I suggest you post this to one of the entomology lists. Last time I
asked an entomolgy friend he said there are two:

"There are two lists, Ent-List and Entomo-L. I am subscribed to
the latter only. There is a separate list for bees."  I don't have the
subscription address at my fingertips - but could find it if you don't
find it elsewhere. 

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