Stored Product Entomology

Brent Upperman bupperma at
Thu Nov 17 19:47:33 EST 1994

  I have been interested in the use of forensic entomology to establish
origin of infestations in the shipment of food products interstate.

  Faced with problems of potential litigation concerning these matters,
I have had to challenge traditional thinking and propose that insects in
food had to follow the laws of insect morphology.  Everyone wants to point
fingers at the onset of such infestations.  Insects of specific species do
not follow the rationality of angry corporate officers.  

  Once a shipment was returned at consierable cost to the
originator due to the presence of one fly!  Close examination
revealed that the pupae were that of the green bottle fly. C.

  Further examination can reveal instar development and
therefore establish rate of development that can be used to argue
successfully against such claims.  Given the knowledge that C. Lucilia is
found in the sun and not in the shade in known cases of forensic
entomology, arms the investigator with data that is a point of fact and
cannot therefore be argued.  

  I have been frustrated at times with the rejection of food into known
facilities that were less than good manufacturing practice examples in
the food industry.     

  If stored products are your concern, and you want to talk insects
realated to that area.  I am interested in listening to your
questions and solutions. ** Join th

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