The Ideal Biology Graduate

Steve Scadding scadding at
Fri Nov 18 17:01:41 EST 1994

I am currently involved in a process of curriculum review in this 
department.  Instead of focusing on programs and courses as we have done 
in the past, we are trying to develop a vision of what our objectives are 
in offering a four year university program in Biology.  In particular, we 
are trying to develop a picture of what our ideal graduating student 
would look like.  What knowledge would they possess?  What skills would 
they possess?  What sorts of things would we expect them to be able to 
do?  What sorts of experiences should they have had? etc., etc., etc.
We then hope to develop a curriculum which will bring about this desired 
Has anyone at other institutions tried to define their goals in terms of 
the desired characteristics of their graduates?  If so, I would be 
delighted to hear from you.  
How would you describe the ideal graduate of a four year biology program?
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated?

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