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Tue Nov 22 08:39:04 EST 1994

tivol at wrote:
: Rachel Twin asks what happens when part of the brain dies.
: Dear Rachel,
: 	It all depends on which part and how large that part is.  Some neurons
: probably die in all of us with little or no effect.  If the substancia nigra
: goes, the result is Parkinsons, another set of neurons dying causes Alzhei-
: mer's, and there are many reports of cognitive and other dysfunction conse-
: quent to loss of particular areas as a result of injury or other lesions.
: There are several good books on this at various levels; good luck.
: 				Yours,
: 				Bill Tivol

With regards your "Some neurons probably die in all of us with little or no
effect.", alcohol kills braincells and something like 10,000 cells die every
day.  It hasn't done me done me done me done me thribble-BLIP, it hasn't
done me any damage :)

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