The Ideal Biology Graduate

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Tue Nov 22 06:44:38 EST 1994

Steve Scadding (scadding at wrote:
: I am currently involved in a process of curriculum review in this 
: department.  Instead of focusing on programs and courses as we have done 
: in the past, we are trying to develop a vision of what our objectives are 
: in offering a four year university program in Biology.  In particular, we 
: are trying to develop a picture of what our ideal graduating student 
: would look like.  What knowledge would they possess?  What skills would 
: they possess?  What sorts of things would we expect them to be able to 
: do?  What sorts of experiences should they have had? etc., etc., etc.
: We then hope to develop a curriculum which will bring about this desired 
: outcome.
: Has anyone at other institutions tried to define their goals in terms of 
: the desired characteristics of their graduates?  If so, I would be 
: delighted to hear from you.  
: How would you describe the ideal graduate of a four year biology program?
: Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated?

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I say the ideal graduate would be about 5' 6", dark haired, pale
complection.  Spectacles are a must.  Smart but casual clothing (no ties)
and a long, black raincoat.  Heck, that sounds just like ME :)

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