Low-Flow pump HINTS for salt-solutions NEEDED

Helmut Drobny a5321mai at mailbox.UniVie.AC.AT
Wed Nov 23 05:22:38 EST 1994

	Hi there all !

	We need infos and experience for the following problem :
	- A small chamber (~1ml) filled with electrolyte is separated
	  into two compartments by means of a small lipid bilayer.

	- One side of this chamber should be superfused with electrolyte
	  at a flow of about 0.1 to 3.0 ml per minute.
	- The flow at the "moved" side should never build up a hydrostatic
	  gradient in respect to the other compartment
	  [ no  )()(  of membrane ].

	- Both comparment should remain open for handling.

	- The pump if working by electrical means should produce very
	  low distortions ( e.g. induction , influence ).

	Thanks in advance, 
	Helmut.Drobny at UniVie.ac.at

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