menthol & male fertility

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Wed Nov 23 14:15:32 EST 1994

In article <gfb1.20.2ED34438 at>, Guy F. Barbato <gfb1 at> wrote:
>socially responsible weekend....that and if you chew peppermint lifesavers in 
>the dark, you could see the sparks....oh well....any excuse to get the lights 

  Wait! This one is true. There was a Scientific American article on it.
The lifesavers (I think it was wint-o-green) glow if put under stress. They
had a picture and everything. Go in the dark, and squeeze a lifesaver with
a pair of pliers, and see for yourself. Anything else you do in the dark
with a lifesaver and pliers is, of course, your own business.


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