Looking for Sydney Harris ("...then a miracle occurs...") and his works

Kieron Walsh kieron at sands.MV.COM
Wed Nov 23 20:26:27 EST 1994


A friend of mine has asked me to present this message to the science
newsgroup community.

	>I am a real fan of cartoonist Sydney Harris, whose work appears in
several 	>publications of the AAAS, most notably the journal SCIENCE.
	>Does anyone out there in net land know how to get in touch with Mr.
Harris, 	>or with his manager/publicist?
	>I am trying to increase my collection of Sydney Harris material. If
anyone 	>could send me any of his cartoons via U.S. mail, or could
suggest via e-mail 	>some references where collections of his works may
be found, that would 	>be greatly appreciated.
	>Please send any information to:
	>Randy Morse
	>Schleicher & Schuell
	>10 Optical Avenue
	>Keene NH 03431

Please reply to this posting via return e-mail to kieron at sands.mv.com,
since I might miss your response on the several newsgroups where this
message is crossposted.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer

Kieron Walsh

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