MSc in Biotechnology available from Coventry University, UK.

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       The School of Natural and Environmental Sciences (NES) at Coventry
       University,  Coventry,  United Kingdom,  invites  applications for
       places on its 1995/96 MSc in Biotechnology (by research).
       This  one  year  full-time course aims not merely  to  extend  the
       student's  knowledge  of  biological science  (molecular  biology,
       microbial physiology and eukaryotic cell biology), but to acquaint
       him or her with the principles of engineering and business methods
       as  they apply to biotechnology.   Interested students may make  a
       detailed  study of the impact of the Single European Market on the
       biotechnology industry.
       The  taught  component of the course extends over two  months  and
       includes one core unit and two to four specialist units.
       The  core unit,  "Research methods and professional skills",  lays
       the   foundations  for  the  individual  projects  which  will  be
       undertaken by all students. Instruction is provided on topics such
       as information retrieval;  project management;  research planning;
       intellectual  property  law;  health and safety  legislation;  and
       presentation skills.
       The specialist units are:
       1.  Molecular Biotechnology:  DNA probes. DNA labelling and detec-
       tion.   DNA  amplification  techniques.  Protein  engineering  and
       protein  expression.   Detection  of genetically  modified  micro-
       organisms in natural environments.
       2.  Cellular Biotechnology:  Cell  culture techniques.  Techniques
       for gene transfer into yeasts,  filamentous fungi, mammalian cells
       or whole organisms, and plant cells.
       3.  Process Biotechnology:  Engineering   principles  of   process
       control.  Computer-controlled systems.   Bioreactor and bioprocess
       configurations.  Bioprocess control and data management.
       4.  Industrial Biotechnology:  Principles  and practice of  inter-
       national business with particular reference to the European Single
       Market. Overview of the biotechnology industry by company type and
       market   segment.   Patenting  systems.   Biotechnology   business
       information. Product development and process economics.
       The reseach project,  of 10 months'  duration,  is a vital part of
       the  course  and provides the opportunity for the resolution of  a
       specific  applied  problem  over an  extended  period.  Industrial
       placements   will  be  available  with  leading  UK  companies  or
       alternatively   project   work  may  be  undertaken  at   Coventry
       University  with one of the established research groups within the
       The  University  has a long tradition as a provider of  education,
       which dates from 1843.  It currently offers more than 120 courses,
       which  are taught by an academic staff of over 600.   In  1993/94,
       there  were  nearly  15,000  students  here.    Many  were  mature
       students,  and  many  came from outside the United  Kingdom.   The
       School  of Natural and Environmental Sciences covers a broad range
       of   disciplines  including  biology,   chemistry,   environmental
       sciences,  geography,  materials,  and physics.   The School has a
       strong  research base,  but is committed to vocational and applied
       courses  which  serve  the needs of industry and  which  give  our
       students  the best possible opportunities for employment when they
       Coventry  itself is a busy multicultural city in the heart of  the
       English  Midlands,  with a population of over 300,000.   The  city
       attracts  major commercial investment and is renowned as a  region
       of  engineering  excellence.   Although  its  centre  was  rebuilt
       following  the  Second World War,  the City keenly  preserves  the
       remains of its past,  and traces of medieval Coventry can still be
       found  just  a  short walk from the  campus.  Right  opposite  the
       University  is Coventry Cathedral,  a harmonious blend of  ancient
       ruins  with  modern architecture and a major  tourist  attraction.
       This  is where we hold our annual degree awards  ceremony.   Short
       bicycle  rides  away  lie Kenilworth and  Warwick  Castles,  Royal
       Leamington Spa, George Eliot's birthplace of Nuneaton, and William
       Shakespeare's  home  town of  Stratford-upon-Avon.   The  National
       Exhibition  Centre  is 15 minutes away by car or train,  and is  a
       venue  for  major  rock concerts and trade fairs.   London  is  75
       minutes away by train.
       For further details,  please contact Drs Beata Langlands or Sreten

              +44 1203 838286                 (voice)
              +44 1203 838693                 (fax)
              <sreten at>         (e-mail)       

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