menthol & male fertility

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Fri Nov 25 20:02:14 EST 1994

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> Carlisle Landel (landel at helios) wrote:
> : Wait a sec!  It is a TRUE FACT that if you bite *wintergreen* lifesavers
> : in the dark (with your mouth open, of course), an observer can see
> : sparks.  I know, I did the experiment!!!
> : Why this works, exactly, I don't know, but I'd love it if somebody could
> : explain it.
> : Carlisle Landel
> Wintergreen lifesavers were never made available in the UK as we don't
> permit anyone to eat with they're mouth open no matter how interesting the
> food is :) 
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> Because if just one person reads it and gains a new perspective, or clearer
> understanding, or a new sense of hope, it's worth it :)

Maybe we worry too much about eating habits.....

Richard (an Englishman in America who wonders why Americans can't use a knife
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