The Ideal Biology Graduate

David Willis WILLISD at
Mon Nov 28 11:43:58 EST 1994

I am an undergraduate at BYU studying molecular biology with an 
emphasis in chemistry.  My biggest frustration is trying to stradle 
chemistry and biology.  Here, these two disciplines are not 
connected.  The organic chemistry curriculum is all synthetic.  I 
don't think the chem profs. have even read a biology book.  That's a 
tragedy.  I would have loved a class that a biologically based 
organic chemistry.  This would be a wonderful preparation to 
biochemistry.  Then when it came time to take biochemistry, there 
wouldn't be the need to spend so much time reviewing and covering 
basics.  I would also liked to have had cell biology and biochemistry 
integrated so that the things I learn in one class can apply directly 
and easily to another.  As it is, I learn chemistry in the physical 
science building and biology in the biological science building and 
these two knowledge bases are kept separate.  I have tried to combine 
them myself, but it would have been much easier with the guidance of 
a professor.

Dave Willis
willisd at

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