Race-Related IQ

DG Coombes u3f38 at cc.keele.ac.uk
Wed Nov 30 10:33:14 EST 1994

Roxanne R Sweney (rox at iastate.edu) wrote:
: 	My name is Roxanne Sweney.  I'm a Biochemistry major at the Iowa
: State University, email address : rox at iastate.edu

: 	Currently I am pursuing an argumentative research paper on the topic
: of IQ level inherited in terms of race.  Any information about this topic or
: about the recently published book, The Bell Curve, would be greatly
: appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

:                                           Sincerely,

:                                           Roxanne Sweney

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: Roxanne R Sweney
: rox at iastate.edu

Why do you want to know?  If there isn't a difference then fine, but if one
set of people are shown to be of lower IQ than a different set of people,
it's not going to do much for race relations.  Does it really matter what a
persons IQ is as long as they can do the job required?  IMO some things are
best left alone.

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