Race-Related IQ

Richard heath at mbcf.stjude.org
Tue Nov 29 17:51:13 EST 1994

In article <3bavji$pke at news.iastate.edu>, rox at iastate.edu (Roxanne R Sweney) writes:
> 	My name is Roxanne Sweney.  I'm a Biochemistry major at the Iowa
> State University, email address : rox at iastate.edu
> 	Currently I am pursuing an argumentative research paper on the topic
> of IQ level inherited in terms of race.  Any information about this topic or
> about the recently published book, The Bell Curve, would be greatly
> appreciated.  Thanks in advance.
>                                           Sincerely,
>                                           Roxanne Sweney
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> Roxanne R Sweney
> rox at iastate.edu
There is an interesting article in the current edition of Natural History
(12/94) (the magazine of the Smithsonian Museum) relating to the genetics of
race ... the author basically says that race can be defined however one wants
to define it, and thus determining IQ (or anything else) on the basis of 
race is, well, meaningless.  I can fax you a copy of the article if you are
interested, and your library does not carry the journal.


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