Any good ideas for my essay?

Panagis Vagenas hercules at
Wed Nov 30 17:02:56 EST 1994

Hello All!

I'm sorry for my not-so-relevant to your usual discussions here message, but 
since you all know Biology better than I do, I thought that maybe someone 
could give me a brilliant idea! :)
My name is Panagis and I'm in an IB (International Baccalaureate) School, in 
Athens, Greece. It's like an i/n high school, if you don't know a thing about 
it! In IBs students have to write an extended essay and I'm going to write 
mine in Biology, since I intend to study Biology, when I finish school.
Does anyone have an idea for an extended essay (I have to write about 4000 
words), in Cell Biology, Physiology, Zoology, Marine Biology? I have some 
proposed topics, but I'd like to write on something which interestes me, 
rather talking about nutrition or how much vitamin C there is in green 
peppers! I'm also very interested in Molecular Biology and Genetics, but I 
suppose it would be very difficult to perform experiments in these fields.

Any suggestions would be very very much appreciated! :)
Panagis Vagenas

hercules at

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