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> Hi out there,
> we seeking help in the isolation of very large plasmids (> 150 kb) from
> E.coli. Does anyone know or has experience in isolating these things? We
> have tried a number of techniques but thus far nothing worked reliably.
> Many thanks for your help!
> M.Alexander Schmidt

Even though I´ve not worked with large plasmids myself, a group of people
did at the dep´t next to me during my PhD studies. It´s the group of Kurt
Nordstom at the Dept of Microbiology, The Biomedical Center, Uppsala
University, Box 581, S-751 23, Sweden. They work with the plasmid RI
(ca90kd) originally isolated from Salmonella sp.RI is related to plasmids
R6 and R100 of E. coli. I think you might be helped by taking a look at
the methods and ref´s in the following papers which I found as ref´s in a
thesis by Christine Person. 

**Nordstrom et al., 1984. In Helsinki, Cohen, Clewell Jackson and
Hollaender (eds) Plasmids and Bacteria, Plenum press New Tork pp 119-123.

**Datta 1975. In Schlessinger (ed) Epidemiology and classification of
plasmids. Microbiology-1974. Am Soc. for Microb. Wash, DC pp 9-15

*Uhlin and Nordstrom 1978, Mol. Gen . Genet, 165,167-179

*Ortega et al., 1986, NAR, 14, 4865-4879

*Masai and Arai 1987. PNAS 84, 4781-4785

**Engberg and Nordstrom 1975. J. Bacteriol., 123, 179-186.

   Hope you find something of interest
   Per Bergman

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