online mendalian inheritance in Man

Sarah C. Shroder scs at
Mon Oct 3 14:06:12 EST 1994

In article <3699ae$bok at>, jbiafra at (David G.
Kitaguchi) writes:
> Does anyone know how I can get access to OMIM?
> Thanks,
> Joel Shapiro

if you have access to the world wide web you can get to OMIM via URL:

You might be interested in the Genome Database (GDB) at URL:  

OR  depending on you interests, you may be interested in the Mouse Genome
Database (MGD) at URL:

There are so many databases out there dealing with genetics and most have
hypertext connections to each other so it is easy to move from one to
another without having to know where they are located in the world.  Ithink
that the world wide web is easier to use than gopher, but it depends on
what you're used to I guess.  I hope this is of help...

Sarah C. Shroder

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