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Mary Coussons-Read coussons at essex.hsc.colorado.edu
Mon Oct 3 17:28:56 EST 1994

Hi netters-

I am posting the following on behalf of Richard Morris who sent me this
information in response to a request I mad on the net a while back for
information aabout water maze software for DOS and Windows:

Watermaze Software

In response to requests from a number of people, I and a computing science
colleague have developed a new watermaze program called "Watermaze for
Windows" that runs on a PC under Windows 3.1.  It is written in C++ and is a
standard Windows type application and thus relatively easy to use.  It is
being sold through a partnership I have called Watermaze Software, the
profits from which go towards research.
The program has been developed on the basis of my laboratory's 15+ years of
watermaze experience, including two previous programs written for different
platforms.  There are, I believe, several unique features of the software
compared to that available commercially elsewhere.  First, it has both
"experiment" and "data" files.  The former specify information such as
calibration information about the pool, how many animals there are in the
experiment, where they are being trained to, how many trials they are going
to get, how many have been run so far, and so on.  Data files contain the x,y
coordinates of the paths of individual animals.  Thus, once an experimenter
has set up the initial experiment file, the remainder remains under the
control of the software.  Come in on Tuesday for the second day of a 6
trials-per-day protocol, and W4W will tell you where to put the platform and
then to put in Rat 1 for trial 7 (and so on).  Second, the program has a
number of recently published data analyses and we shall continue to add to
the list in response to users needs.  Thus, individual users can develop
their own profile of analysis from a wide range of analysis options, and
these can be printed out on screen or to a printer.  Third, the program is in
daily use in my own laboratory and I can assure fellow scientists that, while
I may not always be able to respond to their requests overnight, I do have a
commitment to the best use of the watermaze (and when not to use it!) and
will endeavour to help them as required.  Fourth, the program uses HVS
image-analysis equipment which many users may already have.  They could
simply upgrade to this software without further purchase.  Finally, fifth, I
am in the process of supplying this program to several leading laboratories
worldwide and hope that the program, while it may have its faults, will set a
new standard for such software.
The program was advertised in Trends in Neuroscience last November and
demonstrated at the Society for Neuroscience meeting.  It has come on a lot
since then but, I regret, I cannot be at the meeting in Miami.
Further information, including a brochure and price information, is available
Watermaze Software,
30 South Oswald Rd.,
Edinburgh EH9
Tel: [Int]-44-31-650-4562
Fax: [Int]-44-31-650-4579

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