Gall Bladder (stone)

Zhandong Zhou zhandong at MACC.WISC.EDU
Tue Oct 4 11:29:28 EST 1994

>    My uncle, recently found out that his gall bladder, one of the 
>digestive organ that secrets enzyme (maybe peptide acid) to digestive

Gall blader only stores bile secreted from liver and concentrate them. It 
dose not secret any enzyme by itself. It is thought that formation of the 
stone may due to the problems in liver which dose not secret the right bile.

>food, formed a stone about 2cm in diameter in size inside his gall 
>bladder.  One treatment was using ultra-sonic to blast the rock into
>powder, but it will also destroy the gall bladder in progress.  So that
>leaves him one option, perform surgery to remove that organ.  
>My question is:  Is there any other possibilities left?

Some drugs may be able to reduce the size of the stone or eventually disolve 
it. But the time course is slow and the effects take months or years. 
However, stone may recur.

>                 Will there be any dramatic effect if the gall bladder
>                   is removed?

Little, plus the small risk of the surgery.

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>                   (General direction will help)
>                 Any other suggestions?
>Any info will be deeply appreciated.
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