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Thu Oct 6 17:14:21 EST 1994

BIOTECH Companies:

 If you are interested in establishing yourself in Latin America, or you are
 looking for opportunities to develop new products, etc., you need to
 know (down to earth realities, not theoretical assesments or proyections):

a.- Political reality
b.- Existent infraestructure
c.- Human resources in Biotech.
d.- Priority areas of research (and who and how many are doing what)
e.- Needs of the region
f.- Cost of life
g.- Range of Salaries
h.- Labor costs.
i.- etc.

You might want to contact me.

 I got my Ph.D in Genetic Engeneering at UC. Berkeley. I have been working as
 a biotech consultant for the National Council of  Science and Technology of
 Venezuela  for the last five years. And as a consultant for the Biotech
 program for Latin America and the Caribbean of the United Nations University
 for the last three years. I have coordinated 8  courses of Genetic Engeneering
 (3 nationals and three internationals) with the assistance of Professors  from
 USA and Europe. The most recent one ('93) in colaboaration with LTI from USA.

If you are interested and need more details, please e-mail me:

jmendi at

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