Postdoctoral Funding Sources?

Eva Simmons weevey at
Thu Oct 6 19:56:41 EST 1994


   I'm looking for postdoctoral research fellowship sources.  I have
accepted a postdoctoral position here at the University of Texas at
Austin after I finish my Ph.D. this semester, but I'm still lacking
funding.  I'm especially looking for funding sources for research
in unipolar and bipolar depression drug development studies. 
   I recently found about about something called COMSEARCH for searching
down fellowship sources.  Supposedly one can access it through the
Dialog system.  Is there any way to access it directly through the
INTERNET?  Are there other possible sources out there like this?
   Could anyone possibly refer me to other newsgroups that might be able
to provide more information on these topics?

				  Eva S. Simmons

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