WANTED: Thermitase Thermostability

hst at waikato.ac.nz hst at waikato.ac.nz
Thu Oct 6 22:42:04 EST 1994

Hi!  I'm looking for information on the stability of a subtilisin-type
proteinase called "Thermitase" (from Thermoactinomyces vulgaris).  I am working
on a similar thermophilic proteinase, and hope to be able to do a 3D structural
comparison between the two.  I have many papers on the structure of thermitase,
but can't seem to find a paper that actually states how thermostable it is!

If anyone knows how thermostable thermitase actually is (e.g. half lives at say
75 C, 85 C etc with or without calcium chloride) or knows the reference to such
information, could you please contact me directly at the following e-mail

HST at Waikato.ac.nz

Thank you

H. Toogood

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