text for devel. biology?

Gary Radice Radice at urvax.urich.edu radice at urvax.urich.edu
Sat Oct 8 09:25:06 EST 1994

In article <371mrs$7na at noc.usfca.edu>, Chihara at alm.admin.usfca.edu (C. Chihara) writes:
>I am going to be teaching this course after several years hiatus. 
>Anyone used one to teach or take a modern developmental biology course

I like Scott Gilbert's Developmental Biology (4th ed)  published by Sinauer
Associates.  It has a good mix of classical embryology/developmental anatomy if
;you want to stress that, and also newer approaches.  Also, it approaches each
subject by discussing the experimental evidence for the concepts.  Good
references, too.

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