Luciferase Mentor Wanted

RadeckiR radeckir at
Sat Oct 8 19:55:04 EST 1994

 My name is Ryan Radecki and I am looking for a mentor in the Portland,
Oregon area who would be willing to help a high school chemistry student
work on a project that involves the  use of the Luciferase gene as a
reporter for gene expression in plants, possibly N. tabacum or other
genome in which a satisfactory baterium gene transfer system is
 The main goal of the project is simply to infuse the bacterium into plant
in such a manner that the entire vascular system of the plant glows when
luciferin is added.  Therefore, an appropriate bacterium or bacteriopphage
must introduce the luciferase gene into the plant cells in some manner.
 The primary problem in this study is the fact that I have not had any
college or graduate biology experience, and the published procedures are
extrememly difficult to understand.  A second problem is the lack of
appropriate contaiment facilities in my high school lab.
 If any mentors are working on a similar project or have experience in
this area and are willing to help, please contact me at RadeckiR at
or (503)-635-7360.
     Thank you,

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