Jim Meek jsmeek at
Sun Oct 9 21:15:59 EST 1994

I'm doing research on the career field of Laboratory Technician or Assistant 
for an employment strategy class because I am considering entering this career
field when I graduate and would greatly appreciate any help from individuals 
in this career field or individuals who know about this carreer field. The 
help I ask for is in the form of filling out a breif questionaire.

Please send any responses to jsmeek at

Thanks in advance.

1. What is your name and job title?

2. What is the nature of the work? (its duties, responsiblities)?

3. Is there any on-the-job training involved? Explain.

4. What are some of the typical lines of advancement in this career field?

5. What is the employment outlook for this job (the prospects for someone 
entering the field)?

6. What personal characteristics are necessary to be successful in this career?

7. What skills are needed to perform competently in this career?

8. What is the work environment like? 

9. What are the values of persons in this career?

10. Was your concept of this field confirmed and are you still interested? Why
or why not?

11. Do you have any specific job search advice for a person wishing to enter 
this field?

12. Can you give any names of contacts or recommend companies or organizations
which someone wishing to enter the field should apply?

Your help has been greatly appreciated.

James S. Meek

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