CALL FOR DISCUSSION: TIBS/bionet.journals.letters.tibs

Reinhard Doelz doelz at
Tue Oct 11 02:05:58 EST 1994

I like the idea but would like to warn that 'moderation' might cause some 
serious effect here - after all, a printmedium moderation is much more 
strict than a newsgroup moderation. If people feel that their article is 
of good-enough quality they might consider posting it elsewhere, thus 
obsoleting the newsgroup effect.

: Newsgroup character:

: [...].  This will be a moderated newsgroup, and all
: contributions will be reviewed by Jo McEntyre at TIBS prior to
: posting.  Contributions to this newsgroup may be considered for
: publication in a future issue of TIBS.
: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

This is a bit vague. I would prefer to have this item formulated more 
explicitly, i.e. which criteria are requested and what the expected 
nature of these postings are. 


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