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Tue Oct 11 15:42:08 EST 1994

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Reinhard Doelz <doelz at> wrote:
>I like the idea but would like to warn that 'moderation' might cause some 
>serious effect here - after all, a printmedium moderation is much more 
>strict than a newsgroup moderation. If people feel that their article is 
>of good-enough quality they might consider posting it elsewhere, thus 
>obsoleting the newsgroup effect.
>: Newsgroup character:
>: [...].  This will be a moderated newsgroup, and all
>: contributions will be reviewed by Jo McEntyre at TIBS prior to
>: posting.  Contributions to this newsgroup may be considered for
>           ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 
>: publication in a future issue of TIBS.
>: ----------------------------------------------------------------------
>This is a bit vague. I would prefer to have this item formulated more 
>explicitly, i.e. which criteria are requested and what the expected 
>nature of these postings are. 

Your final point is fair... it would be nice if the proposed moderator
were to spell out how moderation is going to take place.  Is it
"editing scientific and literary content" or "removing spam or bigfoot
flame wars".

Other than that, this sounds like an encouraging new idea.  If it
works, the newsgroup would take off.  If not, nobody would post there,
and it would demise.  What a neat and painless way to test a new idea.


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