Wanted: Landscape Ecology back issues

Thomlinson John R thomlins at sol.acs.unt.edu
Wed Oct 12 13:07:38 EST 1994

Does anyone out there have any back issues of Landscape Ecology that they 
would like to part with (cheap)? I am trying to enhance our capabilities 
in this area, and my goal (the first one anyway) is to get a complete set 
of Landscape Ecology into our library room.

Anyone who could help would have my undying gratitude.



John Thomlinson

Voice: 809/767-0371                       Terrestrial Ecology Division
FAX:   809/758-0815                       University of Puerto Rico
					  PO Box 363682
email: thomlins at sunceer.upr.clu.edu       San Juan, PR  00936

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