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Thu Oct 13 14:52:55 EST 1994

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>> >It appears that .tibs is to be the first of many bionet.journals.letters.* 
>> >groups; how many, where will this end?  It all strikes me as a poor idea, 
>> >creating an exclusivity of readership and quite different to the prof 
>> >society groups.
>I wonder if there is a need for moderation of this group at all, and why the
>publisher of TIBS need be involved.  If we want a discussion group of TIBS,
>or cell, or any other journal, why not just create one.  Are there copyright
>or other legal issues that would prevent this?
>Garth I. Patterson
>Dept. Molecular Biology
>Massachusetts General Hospital

Yes, we could create newsgroups for journals without the formal
participation of the journal itself and would probably not run into
copyright issues as long as citations were made.  However, I have no
reason to believe, based on past experience, that such forums would be
as effective.  I addressed this issue at length in the reply that I
just posted to Roger Wiegand, and refer you to those comments.


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