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Jo McEntyre jmcentyre at etjgate.elsevier.co.uk
Thu Oct 13 10:34:30 EST 1994

                      TIBS newsgroup proposal
Re: proposal for TIBS/bionet.journals.letters.tibs

Dave Kristofferson passed the messages to me on the proposal for a TIBS
newsgroup/discussion forum. I found it interesting and thought-provoking to
read the comments: as a *very* new user of the Internet. I hope this posting
will serve as a general response to the comments.

Agreed, material appearing in print is probably much more strictly moderated
than that in newsgroups. In fact, this was one of the appealing factors about
setting up a TIBS newsgroup, where discussion could be faster and more open
than it can be in a printed journal. My intention as a moderator is simply to
ensure that there no slander is posted and no flamewars are started. I envision
the newsgroup as being a forum for questions, answers and discussion on issues
on and around the science covered in TIBS, rather than TIBS-style articles in a
different medium. I would be happy to have feedback on this as the group

To reiterate a response from Dave, I also think it is difficult to say at this
stage how the newsgroup might evolve: given the nature of newsgroups as I
understand it, and my lack of experience in this sort of thing, strict rules at
the outset might not be approriate. 

If something came up in the newsgroup that was particularly important or of
broad interest, then it might be suitable for publication in TIBS journal,  in
the Letters section, Computer Corner or, if approriate, maybe a section of its
own. This would ultimately be an editorial decision on my part, but only, of
course, if the people involved wanted to publish it. We already do a similar
thing in terms of cross fertilization of media with the methds-reagnts

I agree that a newsgroup that covered several of the major molecular biology
journals would be ideal, but according to Dave, they don't want to play ball.
I'd also like to add here that advertising or commercial gain were never part
of my consideration of this venture. I see TIBS as providing a service to the
scientific community; I see a TIBS newsgroup in the same way.


Jo McEntyre

TIBS at elsevier.co.uk

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