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In article <rcwieg-1310941720260001 at rcwieg.monsanto.com>,
Roger Wiegand <rcwieg at ccmail.monsanto.com> wrote:
>Could this be the renaissance of the active and spirited exchange of
>letters among scientists that happened in the good old days when science
>was a gentlepersonly pursuit? It's been many years since the publication
>of a paper resulted in a flurry of commentary and criticism from around
>the world--I rather miss it. (or is it just my papers people are ignoring
>8^) ?)

I doubt that you have been singled out 8-).

I have to admit, without blushing, that the same historical reverie went
through my mind.  Ever look at the really early issues of "Nature" in
the library?  All communications did seem to be in the form of
"Letters" back then 8-)!!  Nature has, of course, retained the
sectional title to this day.

Nonetheless, even back in the "good old days," great people like
Newton and Leibnitz still had it out for each other - they just
couldn't trade barbs as quickly then as they could if they lived now
8-).  It will be interesting to see where this all leads to ... it may
prove to be unworkable due to human frailty or it may lead to
greater scrutiny of published results.  The latter would hopefully be
a very positive development.


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