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> TIBS is probably an ideal first candidate for such a venture as it
> publishes a lot of review articles.  This makes it possible that
> comments will be directed more likely at papers cited in the review
> instead of at the author of the review him/herself.  


OK I guess that I can buy the line of argument presented in your
post--especially given that complaints of heavy-handed moderation are sure
to move to an open forum like bionet.general. Letters and commentary on
others work aren't and shouldn't be citable as publications, but I suspect
that active participation by someone at the journal (indeed, the authors
would be best) will engender a more active forum.

Could this be the renaissance of the active and spirited exchange of
letters among scientists that happened in the good old days when science
was a gentlepersonly pursuit? It's been many years since the publication
of a paper resulted in a flurry of commentary and criticism from around
the world--I rather miss it. (or is it just my papers people are ignoring
8^) ?)


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