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>                      TIBS newsgroup proposal

>If something came up in the newsgroup that was particularly important or of
>broad interest, then it might be suitable for publication in TIBS journal,  in
>the Letters section, Computer Corner or, if approriate, maybe a section of its
>own. This would ultimately be an editorial decision on my part, but only, of
>course, if the people involved wanted to publish it. We already do a similar
>thing in terms of cross fertilization of media with the methds-reagnts

As you mentioned, the METHODS newsgroup has been participating in a
(rather successful) experiment along these lines.  Are you proposing a
similar sort of idea, except instead of being METHODS-based (really
molecular biology biased), it is biochemistry-based.  Since I like
what Paul Hengen has been doing in METHODS, I am interested in seeing
this take off elsewhere.  Paul, are you following this? Care to comment?

Secondly, if the newsgroup doesn't take off, could you still run a
similar sort of idea from bionet.general?

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