New discussion list.

Joseph Price, Ph.D. price at
Fri Oct 14 16:28:16 EST 1994

	Notice of a new discussion group for professionals. This is not a
lay-person discussion group. 

	The Group for Research in Pathology Education has recently
established an electronic discussion group available for use by residents,
physicians, scientists, misc. faculty, and those interested in issues on
medical school education in general and Pathology, as well as CAI and 
multimedia. Additionally, many of our members are active in clinical and
anatomic pathology in addition to teaching, and some are active in research
as well. 
	Medical advice is not available, but interesting cases might be 
professionally discussed. As it is newly created, the areas interest are 
expected to be varied and to evolve. 

	For more information contact me. To introduce yourself and initiate 
correspondence, email to gripe at

COM-OSU, 1111 W.17th. St.	Tulsa OK 74107
Ph 918 561-8231			FAX 918 561 8412


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