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>>                      TIBS newsgroup proposal
>>If something came up in the newsgroup that was particularly important or of
>>broad interest, then it might be suitable for publication in TIBS journal,  in
>>the Letters section, Computer Corner or, if approriate, maybe a section of its
>>own. This would ultimately be an editorial decision on my part, but only, of
>>course, if the people involved wanted to publish it. We already do a similar
>>thing in terms of cross fertilization of media with the methds-reagnts
>As you mentioned, the METHODS newsgroup has been participating in a
>(rather successful) experiment along these lines.  Are you proposing a
>similar sort of idea, except instead of being METHODS-based (really
>molecular biology biased), it is biochemistry-based.  Since I like
>what Paul Hengen has been doing in METHODS, I am interested in seeing
>this take off elsewhere.  Paul, are you following this? Care to comment?


The idea of the newsgroup is to allow scientific feedback on any
article published in the journal.  It wouldn't be restricted to a
particular subset of scientific topics.

>Secondly, if the newsgroup doesn't take off, could you still run a
>similar sort of idea from bionet.general?

As I noted in a posting yesterday, there has been for years nothing
stopping people from using either bionet.general or any of the
scientific specialty newsgroups from commenting on the published
literature.  I think that it will take an affiliation with the
hardcopy literature and a possible shot at hardcopy publication to
really get this to happen though.  This was the motivation for this
idea.  Some of the really "computer-literate" groups like BIO-INFO
have already done this extensively, but definitely not the mainstream
wet-bench group.


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