TIBS newsgroup proposal

biocukm at okway.okstate.edu biocukm at okway.okstate.edu
Fri Oct 14 09:09:05 EST 1994

I have read much of the discussion on the TIBS newsgroup proposal and wish
to reply in general.  I thus apologize for not quoting specific

Two objections to the proposal appear to be:
1. the newsgroup would somehow further the commercial interests of
2. the participants would have to be readers of TIBS.
These are related, since the commercial interests of Elsevier principally
would be furthered by acquiring more readers (presumably subscribers).

I suggest a modification that may lessen the potential for commercial
The moderator should, at the beginning of each thread, insert a summary of
the article being discussed.
Unless the discussion concerns minutiae of the article, non-readers should
be able to join the discussion given that information.

Ulrich Melcher
Oklahoma State University
biocukm at okway.okstate.edu

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