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>| Hello, I am a final Computer Scientist at University of Brighton.  I wish to
>| study Bioloical Computers for my dissertation but I am unable to locate
>| any literature on the subject.

WHAT?  Sheez - there's HEAPS!

For a start, dig out anything written by Rodger Staden (he's
written a lot in Nucleic Acids Research and more recently in
CABIOS - Computer Applications in the Biosceinces - both
excellent journals for this purpose, among several that address
this subject).

There are many books written on the subject.  If Paul wants to
email me, then I'll give him a (modest) list of references that
I've been collecting.

And there's also the mass of information available for ftp from
genbank and embl and other such places.  I've also got a
collection of these sites - email me if you want.

>How about raising the question on

There's also, which gave me a good start :)

One thing though...

I've got LOTS of info about programs etc for protein and nucleic
acid sequence analysis, but I've yet to track down something
about carbohydrate sequence analysis - a field which would have
some rather unique aspects to it, as carbohydrate polymers have
multiple branching - and therefore quite complex and convoluted
primary - and not to mention secondary and tertiary -

Can anyone point me in the direction of any software and/or
literature/information about such databanks and CHO analysis
methods?  -- Thanks.

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