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In article <Cxo1z6.AqI at osuunx.ucc.okstate.edu> biocukm at okway.okstate.edu writes:

>Two objections to the proposal appear to be:
>1. the newsgroup would somehow further the commercial interests of
>2. the participants would have to be readers of TIBS.
>These are related, since the commercial interests of Elsevier principally
>would be furthered by acquiring more readers (presumably subscribers).

>Ulrich Melcher
>Oklahoma State University
>biocukm at okway.okstate.edu

The above echoes the sentiments in my original post.  Having followed 
subsequent discussion with interest, I am afraid I remain unconvinced.  This 
seems like an open invitation to off-the-cuff opinions that, moderated or 
not, will add little to informed debate.  The way to correct errors in the 
literature is to get in the lab and do some work, not offer armchair 
criticism of the work done by others and painstakingly reviewed, however 
imperfectly, by reputable journals.  Writing to authors is by no means passe 
and does not require a world-wide electronic medium, IMHO.  Sorry, Dave! :-)
BTW, I am not at all averse to innovation and my students are fed up with 
hearing me preach how technology drives discovery (and vice-versa).  The use 
of the electronic media to communicate hot new data, as practised by the 
physics people, is a different matter entirely.

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