Summer research for undergraduates in Houston ?

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>Subject: Summer research for undergraduates in Houston ?
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>Are there any summer research training programs in the Houston area especially for undergraduate science students ? I am aware of grants and awards by scientific societies and universities/institutions for the purpose of encouraging young students into a
>research career. If anybody has information aboud such programs in Houston, the criteria for eligibility, application procedure, application deadlines etc., please reply to jmedh at
>        I greatly appreciate your help in this regard. Thanks,
While I was an undergrad I participated in an excellent program conducted 
through the Univ. of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.  There are two 
programs, with one based on availibility and the other based on acedemic 
competition. I'm not sure when the deadlines are, but Acedemic Affairs is the 
department that runs them (713) 792-5758.
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