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> Carlos Hurtado (U16855 at UICVM.UIC.EDU) wrote:
> : I am are looking for articles or information on the ethical issues of new 
> : DNA research that deals with the possible discovery of diseases, 
> : traits, etc.  I am looking specifically for information on the involvement 
> : of DNA and Insurance policies, jobs, aleniation from society, and so on.

I had occasion to look at a recent edition of the Lutheran theological journal
DIALOG (Vol. 33 No.1, Winter 1994). This special edition is devoted to the 
ethics of biotechnology and genome projects. Articles include:

Where Theologians and Geneticists Meet (James M. Gustafson)
Genetic Predestination? (R.David Cole)
Determinism, Freedom and Moral Failure (Philip Hefner
On the Gay Gene: Back to Original Sin Again (Ted F. Peters)
Geneetic Privacy: No Deal for the Poor (Karen Lebacqz)
Genetic Counseling and Pastoral Counseling (Ronald Cole-Turner)

Some of the articles are well-written and bring out a number of 
interesting questions, although in some cases there's a lower
signal to noise ratio than you'd see in a scientific journal.
Nonetheless, it's worth reading.

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