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Mon Oct 17 16:05:46 EST 1994

I recently sent a message out to BIOFORUM and appear to have made a grave
mistake by referring to BLUE GREEN ALGAE in stead of GREEN ALGAE.  I do 
apologize to you who have communicated earlier today for not getting my
facts straight and thank you for correcting me on my blunders.

This is the second time on INTERNET, therefore, please bear with me.

Thank you.

My question is:

I am curious, primative plants, i.e., Liverworts, Hornworts and moss are
considered to be distant ancestors to green algae.  I note that they are 
"nonvascular plants" which mean they live in moist, shady areas.  In 
the reproductive stages, I am told that gametophytes are produced, which
produces sporophytes, and spores are formed.  When things get a little better
, the spores turn into gametophytes.

My question:  In the early stages of plant groups, was there, due to oxygen
being less, a shortage of these plants.  Humans require 20% oxygen now due
to events that have happened.  What specific amount of oxygen is required for
plant life to survive?

Thank you.


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