CARDIOVASCULAR-RESEARCH/bionet.biology.cardiovascular passes: 157 to 2

David Kristofferson kristoff at
Wed Oct 19 16:04:18 EST 1994

I am pleased to announce that the proposal below to establish


passed by the wide margin of 157 YES votes to 2 NO votes.

The group should be operational within a few days.  Please wait for a
formal opening announcement to be posted in this forum before
requesting subscriptions.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

Proposal to establish CARDIOVASCULAR-RESEARCH/bionet.biology.cardiovascular

Proposed USENET name:       bionet.biology.cardiovascular

Proposed mailing list name: CARDIOVASCULAR-RESEARCH

Proposed mailing addresses: cardiors at
                            cardiors at

Discussion leader:

	Zhandong Zhou
	H4/383 Clinical Science Center
	University of Wisconsin-Madison
	600 Highland Ave.
	Madison, WI 53792

	Tel: 608-263-2284
	Fax: 608-263-0454
	Email: zhandong at

Purpose of the news group:

Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading causes of death in most
industrialized countries. Over the last few decades, this has been one
of the most intensively studied areas in biological science. The
advance of new technology, such as DNA sequencing, northern and
southern blotting, PCR, patch clamp, Ca2+ dye and single cell force
measurement has rapidly extended our knowledge to molecular level.

The proposed news group is supposed to discuss all cardiovascular
research related topics including anatomy, development, biochemistry,
molecular biology, physiology, biophysics, pathology and pharmacology.
I believe bringing cardiovascular research to the Internet will help
scientists around the world better communicate with each other.

Formation of this news group will provide the following topics:

1. An unmoderated forum for discusion of advances and development in all
   the areas of cardiovascular research.

2. A source of information for all the scientist around the world.

3. A bulletin board for ideas, meetings, funding and job

Subscriptions are welcome from all agencies. I am willing to act as
current coordinator to keep the news group active.
Zhandong Zhou
Department of Physiology and Surgery
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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