Toll Superhighway?

Przemko przemko at
Thu Oct 20 03:27:07 EST 1994

Below you will find an item I have found on the net. Any comments?
Looks like the end of a free lunch...Can you imagine? Paying by byte?
And e-mail servers?

3 x 10**14 bytes, half of that coming in the past year alone.  To
better accommodate future needs, the principal conduit for this flood
of data, the National Science Foundation network, has just been
restructured.  According to Glenn Ricart of the University of
Maryland, a number of changes in Internet traffic will result: (1) The
price charged by the NSF network for participating institutions will
go up but, because of the economy of scale, the expected price per
usage should remain about the same. (2) Large institutions will
probably still continue to pay for service at a flat rate but others may
soon be billed by the byte.  (3) Some institutions which formerly
offered network access to individuals outside their immediate user
group as a public service are now contracting or eliminating these
services.  Hereafter these popular services might be underwritten by
corporate sponsorship (like public television) or made available
through subscription.  Ricart believes the impact of these changes will
be small at first but will increase through the years: "The new
Internet will not be free, but it is likely to get your dollars or ECUs
faster by attracting them than by extracting them."  (Computers in Physics, Sep/Oct 1994.)

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