Homebrew saline for Contact Lenses

Brad Riesenberger riesenbe at medicine
Fri Oct 21 09:22:02 EST 1994

Rumpf.1 at osu.edu (Robert Rumpf) writes:
   On a related topic, many of us use a peroxide sterilization method;
   the stuff seems to be oddly expensive. What's wrong with using
   plain old 3% USP peroxide available at any grocery/pharmacy
   for 50 cents a bottle?

   I've wondered this for a long time but never tried it.

   Thanks and regards.
   Brad Riesenberger   riesenbe at medicine.wustl.edu

>I realize this isn't exactly what molbio.methds-reagnts is all about, but
>it IS sort of lab related...has anyone made their own saline for use with
>contact lenses?  If so, could you share the recipe/protocol?  Thanks...

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