New name for Brontosaurus?

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Sat Oct 22 19:42:15 EST 1994

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> Can anyone tell me what a "brontosaurus " was recently renamed to?
> I'd sure appreciate the response.

The accepted name for the good old thunder lizar is Apatosaurus.  It wasn't
recently renamed however,  the first fossilized portions of this beast ( I
think it was a femur or a vertebrae , not sure ) were named Apatosaurus before
 more complete remains were discovered by a competing group and named
Brontosaurus ( My personal favorite).  It was only later that the two were
identified as the same species.  The name Apatosaurus came out first in the
literature and is by default the accepted name, even though many more people
are familiar with the name Brontosaurus.

Mark Hughes

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