RFD: rec.animals.wildlife

Ronda M Devold devold at badlands.NoDak.edu
Sat Oct 22 22:59:56 EST 1994


RFD:  FORMAL Request for Discussion

This is a formal request for discussion of the creation of the newsgroup

Group name:     rec.animals.wildlife
Status:         unmoderated
Distribution:   world wide
Summary:        open to discussion of all issues and topics pertaining
                to wildlife (except hunting and fishing topics)

Proposed by:    Ronda DeVold
                licenced wildlife rehabilitator, biologist, and
                registered veterinary technologist
                Fargo, North Dakota
                email: devold at badlands.nodak.edu


   This newsgroup will be open to discussion of all topics relating to
wildlife. Surveying the current newsgroups (especially the animal-oriented
ones), there are frequently questions and comments relating to wildlife.
Often, once sees articles posted such as "what do I do about an injured
baby bird that I found?"  Or even, "what is the prevalence of rabies in
the local skunk population?" etc. etc.  Often, these topics are NOT
relevant to the group's main focus, but the posters must feel that in
these groups, someone who is interested in animals might know something
to answer their questions.

   This newsgroup could be a place where those interested in wildlife
topics of any kind could talk about various issues, get wildlife
questions answered, converse with those involved in wildlife fields
professionally, discuss scientific issues, and so on.  This could include
discussions by wildlife biologists, zoologists, and wildlife
rehabilitators.  There are not currently any groups that specifically
allow these possibilities.  This newsgroup would be a "companion" group
to the mailing list "wlrehab" which was recently created to meet
the specific needs of professional wildlife rehabilitators.  Having the
newsgroup rec.animals.wildlife would allow a mechanism for the general
public (and professionals) to get their questions answered and to discuss
pertinent topics.

NOTE: The name of this group was discussed and approved by the
individuals on "group-advice".  They felt that the new second level
hierarchy "rec.animals." would be appropriate for this group and would
be a good second level "growth line" for the rec. group.


   The discussion period for the creation of this group will be underway
for the next 21-30 days.  During this time, responses to the creation of
this group will be gathered.  To comment on this proposed group, please
post directly to "news.groups".

   At the end of the 30 days, there will be a call for votes (CFV).  If
there are 100 or more people (and a majority) who vote "YES" for the
creation of this group rec.animals.wildlife, it will then be created.

Again, please address any comments to "news.groups".

* This has been posted to the mailing list "wlrehab" (wlrehab at vm1.nodak.edu)
  and cross-posted to the following newsgroups:

        news.groups, rec.birds, rec.pets, sci.bio, sci.environment,
        and talk.environment

Ronda DeVold     devold at badlands.NoDak.edu     Fargo, ND

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