Homebrew saline for Contact Lenses

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Mon Oct 24 02:19:49 EST 1994

Shawn C. Baker (scbaker at ucdavis.edu) wrote:
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: >    On a related topic, many of us use a peroxide sterilization method;
: >    the stuff seems to be oddly expensive. What's wrong with using
: >    plain old 3% USP peroxide available at any grocery/pharmacy
: >    for 50 cents a bottle?
: > 
: >    I've wondered this for a long time but never tried it.
: > 
: >    Thanks and regards.
: >    Brad Riesenberger   riesenbe at medicine.wustl.edu
: > 

: I have been using "drugstore" peroxide for several years now for
: sterilizing my contacts and have not noticed any adverse effects. (Of
: course, my vision is horrendous;i.e., roughly 20/1000.  Would I really
: be able to notice any adverse effects?)  The only difference seems to
: be that the  peroxide sterilization solution is in a buffered saline
: solution.

I also used to use el cheapo peroxide, and I also have absolutely 
horrendous vision. Is there a trend here?


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