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Catherine L. Wallace cwallace at post.its.mcw.edu
Mon Oct 24 18:08:33 EST 1994

Lloyd Danon (Danon at ix.netcom.com) wrote:
: I have been working in a biotech company for the last 10 
: months, and I feel that I am underpaid (I currently make 
: <$25,000 per year).  I am interested in knowing what other
: people are making after one year with a biotech company, 
: or what you think I am worth.  I graduated from UCSC with 
: a degree in biology in 1993.  I worked for 5 months as a 
: temp. at another company, before I started at my currect 
: company. I've recieved one promotion three months ago, but 
: didn't get a raise because the company laid off 
: approximately 8% of its employees at the same time (I 
: didn't recieve my promotion due to the layoffs).  I work 
: in manufacturing so even the work is not that rewarding.

: Thanks in advance

: -Lloyd

Be thankful for that of a job.  I started out with a MS at 24,000 and over
5years has only went to 26,000.  But thankful for a job in my field and
benefits.  REally depends upon the area you live as to what the salary is.
I have been offered jobs on both coasts and Chicago but the increase in
salery would not compensate for the increase in cost of living. 

With a degree in bio, be thankful for a job.  I have met alot of people whom
still have not found work for somme time.  Even with graduate work.  times
are tuff dont whine

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