Homebrew saline for Contact Lenses

Donald A. Lehn, Ph.D. dalehn at facstaff.wisc.edu
Mon Oct 24 15:50:20 EST 1994

In article <388iqa$kka at cerberus-138.wustl.edu>, riesenbe at medicine (Brad Riesenberger) says:
>Rumpf.1 at osu.edu (Robert Rumpf) writes:
>   On a related topic, many of us use a peroxide sterilization method;
>   the stuff seems to be oddly expensive. What's wrong with using
>   plain old 3% USP peroxide available at any grocery/pharmacy
>   for 50 cents a bottle?

Before I switched to gas permeable hard lenses I used to use 3%
hydrogen peroxide all the time.  I just added salt to 0.85% (w/v).

It shouldn't be used straight since it will be hypotonic and the
lenses will swell and distort until their salt balance is restored.
In addition, the swelling cycle eventually weakens the structural
integrity of the lenses.

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